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Terms of member flights

Only members of the DC-Association are entitled to take part on flights.
More about the membership. If you are not a member yet, you may join when booking the flight.

We are sorry about having flight list, information and booking forms in Finnish only. Use Google translator, for example, for instant help.

Make sure of your flight

Remember to confirm your flight from the booking status list above. It is possible that the flight has been cancelled due to weather conditions or too few participants. Flight will normally come true if there are four or less room left (paikkoja jäljellä N) but flight is better to be confirmed if there are more room left.
Call +358 50 566 6346 or mail to lennot@dc-ry.fi.

Cheking in the flight

Passenger shall arrive and register at on aerodrome at least 45 minutes before the flight.

Flight payment

Flight shall be paid latest on the due date (eräpäivä) mentioned in the bill.
Use reference number (viitenumero) found in the bill. If flight fee has been paid after the due date, receipt of the payment should be presented upon arriving the flight.

If you were not a member yet and joined to the association when booking, do not pay the member fee with the flight bill, you will get a member fee bill afrerwards to your e-mail.

Flight booking by phone, also inquiries and flight cancellations

Book a flight by calling tel. +358 50 566 6346. (no text or voice messages).

Flight cancellation etc.

If you cannot get to boarding, be sure to cancel your reservation on time. Use cancellation link found in the reservation reply or call +358 50 566 6346.
If a member fails to appear before the flight, no fee will be refunded.

The DC-3 is a historical aircraft. The operation of the DC association does not fully comply with the safety requirements for commercial airline industry, concerning pilots, aircraft, maintenance and operation.

Not being a commercial operator the DC Association will pay no compensation for cancelled flights. This also applies to flights interrupted en route for example by technical faults. The Association will repay the price of the leg of flight not operated. The participants on flights are expected to be prepared to return at their own cost in case of an interrupted flight.

In case of an accident the members on flights are insured by a insurance covering damage to passengers, luggage and third parties according to Articles 6 and 7 of Regulation (EC) no 785/2004.

DC Association

Business ID: 2003383-8
Association ID: 148.462
IBAN: FI32 2001 1800 3885 17

Helsinki-Malmi Airport
00700 Helsinki

tel: +358 50 566 6346  (no messages)
email:  info@dc-ry.fi

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